Portfolio of Woodwork with Stone, Shell and Metal Inlay

Homer City, PA

I design and build one of a kind serving boards, wall art, tables and other furniture and related decor and functional items.  I select the wood for my work for its character and beauty, and often, the presence of natural voids which I fill with stone, shell and metal inlay.

Check out the Gallery pages for photos of select past works.  Also, see my show schedule to find out where you can see and purchase my work in person.  I will be happy to ship items to those outside of the area.  Please email or phone to ask about my current inventory.  I can send photographs of and information about completed pieces available for sale as well as works still in progress.  If you have any questions, would like to make alternative viewing or buying arrangements or are interested in commissioning something beautiful and unique for your home, please see my Contact page.